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Indoctrination U.
  • hardcover
  • 170 pages
  • ISBN: 1594031908
  • Published: 02/07/2007
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Indoctrination U.

The Left’s War Against Academic Freedom

In 2003, David Horowitz began a campaign to promote intellectual diversity and a return to academic standards in American universities. To achieve these goals he devised an “Academic Bill of Rights” and created a national student movement with chapters on 160 college campuses. His efforts have inspired legislation at the federal level and in more than a dozen states, led to the passage of an “Academic Bill of Rights” by student governments from Montana to Maine, and dramatically transformed the national debate on academic issues.

In dramatic commentary, Indoctrination U. unveils the intellectual corruption of American universities by faculty activists who have turned America’s classrooms into indoctrination centers for their political causes. It describes how academic radicals with little regard for professional standards or the pluralistic foundations of American society have created an ideological curriculum that it is as odds with the traditional purposes of a democratic education.

Indoctrination U. is also a riveting account of the reaction to Horowitz’s campaign by professor unions and academic associations, whose leaderships have been taken over by the political left. The anathemas pronounced on the campaign and its creator, which are recounted in this book, are not unique to Horowitz’s efforts but have a long and squalid history in the left’s battles with its opponents. The story of the campaign against academic freedom, told in colorful detail in Indoctrination U., can also be read as a case study in the political methods of the radical left.