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Media Madness
  • hardcover
  • 130 pages
  • ISBN: 1594032122
  • Published: 02/24/2008
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Media Madness

The Corruption of Our Political Culture

Although there is widespread acknowledgment that the “mainstream media” is in crisis–a crisis underscored as much by declining authority as declining circulation and viewership–no one has explained its intellectual and moral causes. James Bowman, media critic for The New Criterion, provides a scintillating and fast-paced anatomy of the mainstream media self-generated demise.

In Media Madness, Bowman looks behind the headlines to examine mainstream media’s governing myths. Writing with acerbic wit, he shows how the mainstream media’s embrace of a spurious notion of objectivity combined with its addiction to scandal, moral equivalence, and an unshakable conviction of its own moral superiority have done irreparable damage to the media’s public authority and have helped precipitate a worldwide exodus to the “blogosphere” and other sources of news and comment.