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Aaron Rhodes

AARON RHODES is an international human rights advocate. He served as Executive Director of the International Helsinki Federation for Human Rights (IHF) between 1993 and 2007, and has been active in civil society campaigns vis a vis the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), the Council of Europe, the European Union and the United Nations. He has also been involved with human rights issues in a number of Middle Eastern countries, and has undertaken human rights investigations in Cuba, Japan, Korea, and elsewhere. He is a co-founder of the Freedom Rights Project, a human rights research initiative and think-tank, and of the Center for Human Rights in Iran. He is President of the Forum for Religious Freedom-Europe, an independent nongovernmental organization. Rhodes was made an honorary citizen of Austria for his “contributions to the Republic,” and was awarded a Public Service Citation by The University of Chicago, for being “one of the world’s leading human rights advocates.” Rhodes was born in Upstate New York and attended public schools. He was further educated at Reed College and in the Committee on Social Thought at The University of Chicago, where he was awarded a PhD. After working in political and governmental positions in Chicago and Illinois, he served as Assistant to Boston University President John Silber. He moved to Vienna in 1991, to work on projects for educational reform in Eastern Europe initiated by the Institute for Human Sciences (Institut für die Wissenschaften vom Menschen). The father of four children, he lives with his family in Hamburg, Germany.

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    Why have human rights become a defense for dictators and an ideological weapon for leftist political activists and advocates for global governance? The Debasement of Human Rights explains how profound contradictions in the idea of human rights around which international law and institutions and civil society campaigns are built have led to a process by which human rights has lost its meaning, and its moral power as an inspiration for those seeking freedom and democracy.

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