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How Biotechnology Is Changing Our World

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Hardcover / 485 pages
ISBN: 1893554759
AVAILABLE: 12/1/2003

How Biotechnology Is Changing Our World

Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates has declared that if he could do it over again, he’d be “working in biotechnology.” That’s because no area of science is moving faster nor will have a greater impact on how we live. Michael Fumento’s Bioevolution is the first book to explain what biotech is all about and to describe the amazing scientific advances just over the horizon. Reporting from ground zero of experimentation and clinical trials, Fumento shows how biotech is already changing our lives and will do so even more dramatically in the near future.

About the Author

Michael Fumento began writing about biotechnology as a reporter for Investor’s Business Daily in 1993. A former senior fellow at the Hudson Institute in Washington, D.C. and a weekly medical/health columnist for the Scripps Howard News Service

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