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Blacklisting Myself

Memoir of a Hollywood Apostate in the Age of Terror

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Hardcover / 250 pages
ISBN: 1594032475

Blacklisting Myself
Memoir of a Hollywood Apostate in the Age of Terror

Blacklisting Myself details Academy Award-nominated screenwriter Roger L. Simon’s odyssey from financier of the Black Panther Breakfast Program to darling of the political right. In this tale of Hollywood radical chic run amuck, Simon relates his adventures with Richard Pryor, Warren Beatty, Woody Allen and real-life Hollywood KGB officers. Among the topics covered along the way: the new blacklist for conservatives in tinseltown and how new media will destroy Hollywood as we know it.

About the Author

Roger L. Simon made his living writing novels and screenplays before he took the New Media plunge as co-founder and CEO of the pioneering blog aggregation and news and opinion website PJ Media (formerly Pajamas Media) in 2005. In books, he is best known for his series of the eight Moses Wine detective novels, which have been translated into over a dozen languages and won prizes from the Mystery Writers of America and the Crime Writers of Great Britain. The first Moses Wine novel was The Big Fix, made into a film starring Richard Dreyfuss for which Simon wrote the screenplay, bringing him to Hollywood.

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