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How Progressive Cities Fight Innovation

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Paperback / 72 pages
ISBN: 9781594039515
AVAILABLE: 6/13/2017

How Progressive Cities Fight Innovation

Technology continues to unlock new ways for Americans to live and work. To illustrate these changes, this book explores the promise of online platforms such as Uber and Airbnb. Unfortunately, instead of embracing innovation, many cities insist on applying antiquated regulations or completely banning these new services to protect special interests—at the expense of workers and consumers.

These fights go far beyond the sharing economy. To promote the benefits of new technology, it is time for states to step up and overrule cities when local policies threaten innovation. If cities are going to remain a driving force for economic progress, then states need to save so-called “progressive” cities from themselves.

About the Author

Jared Meyer is a senior research fellow at the Foundation for Government Accountability. Meyer, a member of Forbes’s 30 under 30 list, has testified before various congressional committees on regulatory reform. In addition to publishing hundreds of opinion articles, Meyer has also discussed his research on many radio and television shows, including the BBC, FOX, and NPR.

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