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The Modern Prince

What Machiavelli Can Teach Us in the Age of Trump

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Hardcover/ 296 Pages
ISBN: 9781641770101
AVAILABLE: 10/9/2018

The Modern Prince
What Machiavelli Can Teach Us in the Age of Trump

What do leaders need to know to be effective? Carnes Lord—a political scientist with extensive experience at high levels of American government—here offers witty and trenchant counsel to both leaders and the citizens who elect them. Exploring such issues as leadership in war and crises, diplomacy, intelligence, the media, and the role of political advisers, Lord enumerates the major challenges confronting modern leaders and offers practical advice on how leaders should deal with them. The Modern Prince anticipates—at times in startling fashion—the situation facing the Donald Trump administration in an ongoing political drama that has few precedents in the history of the republic.

About the Author

Carnes Lord is Professor of Strategic Leadership at the U.S. Naval War College and director of the Naval War College Press. A political scientist with interests in international relations, security studies, and the history of political philosophy, he served in the White House under Presidents Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush.

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