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Winning Smart After Losing Big

Revitalizing People, Reviving Enterprises

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Trade Paperback / 125 pages
ISBN: 1893554767

Winning Smart After Losing Big
Revitalizing People, Reviving Enterprises

Rob Stearns’ inspiring perspectives come at a time when many businesses, organizations, and individuals seek practical insights regarding how to recover from major losses. Why do some companies rally after competitive disasters? Why do some individuals rebound after personal defeats? Winning after losing big is hard. Stearns’ refreshing approach stimulates recovery by provoking you and your enterprise to reinvigorate your thinking and your response to losing. Rob Stearns understands losing and winning. As a successful entrepreneur and executive, he also experienced the trauma and loneliness of professional and personal defeat. Winning Smart after Losing Big will stimulate you and your organization to:

• Adjust your traditional thinking about suffering a loss

• Separate the act of losing from the consequences of losing

• Recognize when you are losing • Choose when to lose • Identify the causes of your loss

• Explore your thoughts and feelings about your loss

• Escape the “loop” of reliving your loss

• Redefine what winning means to you

• Rely on yourself to select the right help

• Create personal independence at the moment when you need it most

About the Author

Rob Stearns is an entrepreneur and President of Progo Communications. He frequently provides commentary for news, financial, and sports broadcasts around the country.

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