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The Optimistic Future of Work

Mark P. Mills's interview on C-SPAN
February 11, 2022

Mark P. Mills predicts an economic boom in the next decade—unmatched since the 1920s—that will transform the labor market, education, health care, manufacturing, and travel. In an interview with C-SPAN, he says, “The more research that I did in writing the book about what lead up to the 1920s, the clearer the rhythm of history became.”

Mills predicts this boom will come not from any single big invention, but from the confluence of radical advances in three primary technology domains: microprocessors, materials, and machines — all accelerated by the Cloud.

Mills joined C-SPAN this week to discuss how these technologies will affect the future of work and to respond to questions from listeners. Watch the video below and get your copy of The Cloud Revolution here.

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