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“Please Jesus, Send More Police”

Heather Mac Donald on How 'Anti-Cop Hatred' Costs Black Lives
By Ben Weingarten | July 01, 2016

There is a war on cops being waged by “Black Lives Matter,” with powerful enablers in the Obama administration and the media, that is costing law-abiding—mostly black—inner city residents their lives.

That is the takeaway from a brief interview I conducted with Senior Fellow at the Manhattan Institute and author of the recently published The War on Cops, Heather Mac Donald, while I guest-hosted Newsmax TV’s “DML Unfiltered” last night.

Mac Donald asserted that Black Lives Matter and its partners in the media have put forth a false narrative that law enforcement is the enemy and unleashed a “tsunami of anti-cop hatred.” Even President Obama has been engaged in “falsehoods” and “misrepresentations about the entire criminal justice system.” According to Mac Donald, cops are feeling blowback on the ground and policing less vigorously over concerns of being labeled ‘racist’ or due to threats of anti-police violence.

The result, argues Mac Donald, has been a surge in violent crime that has erupted in American cities after almost two decades of decline. Sadly, black Americans are the primary victims.

Mac Donald also related to me the surprisingly positive views of police held by many citizens living in neighborhoods devastated by violence—views you rarely see in our media:

There is a huge unacknowledged vein of support for the police, embodied by an elderly woman in the 41st Precinct of the South Bronx, where I attended a police community meeting last summer, who spontaneously, out of the blue, blurted out: “How lovely when we see the police. They are my friends.”

She has many many allies and like-minded people who understand that given the degree of social breakdown in those communities, the police are the only thing standing between them and anarchy.

I spoke with a cancer amputee in the Mount Hope section of the Bronx who said the only time she feels safe to go into her lobby to pick up her mail is when the police are there.

She told me: “Please Jesus, send more police.”

“We need to stop demonizing cops” concluded Mac Donald. “For the last two decades we’ve been talking about specious police racism in order not to talk about a far more uncomfortable and difficult topic which is elevated rates of black on black crime.”


Watch the full interview above, and listen to our in-depth Encounter Books interview in full or in parts below:

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BEN WEINGARTEN is a Senior Fellow at the London Center for Policy Research, Senior Contributor at The Federalist and Founder & CEO of ChangeUp Media LLC, a media consulting and production firm dedicated to advancing conservative principles. You can find his work at benweingarten.com, and follow him on Facebook and Twitter.

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