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Jed Babbin

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Jed Babbin

JED BABBIN is a former Air Force officer who served as a deputy undersecretary of defense in the George H. W. Bush administration. He is a senior fellow of the London Center for Policy Research. He is the best-selling author of, “In the Words of Our Enemies”, (Regnery 2007), “Inside the Asylum: Why the UN and Old Europe are Worse than You Think” (Regnery 2004), “Showdown: Why China Wants War with the United States,” (with Edward Timperlake, Regnery, 2006), The BDS War Against Israel (with Herbert London, LCPR 2014), The Sunni Vanguard (with Herbert London and David Goldman, LCPR 2014). He also wrote the military adventure novel, Legacy of Valor, (Pentland Press 2000). He served as editor of Human Events, the oldest conservative journal in the United States, from 2007-2010.

Mr. Babbin writes opinion columns for the Washington Times and The American Spectator, and the Washington Examiner. He has also written for, Weekly Standard and National Review Online. He wrote the Encounter Broadside, How Obama is Transforming America’s Military from Superpower to Paper Tiger (Encounter Books, 2010). His expertise is in national security and foreign affairs. However, he also writes about all things political and (for The American Spectator’s “Saloon” series) on more serious subjects such as single barrel bourbon and fine cigars. He wrote the military adventure novel, Legacy of Valor. (Pentland Press, 2000).

Mr. Babbin is a graduate of Stevens Institute of Technology (B.E. 1970), Cumberland School of Law (J.D. 1973) and the Georgetown University Law School (LL.M. 1978).

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