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Katharine Cornell Gorka

Katharine Cornell Gorka

KATHARINE CORNELL GORKA served as Director for Civil Society at The Heritage Foundation. Prior to that she worked as a presidential appointee in the Office of Policy at the Department of Homeland Security, where she focused on strategies for prevention of terrorism and targeted violence. She was President of Threat Knowledge Group from 2014 to 2017, providing expertise and training on irregular warfare and terrorism to the FBI, US Army Special Forces, Marine Corps, and law enforcement. From 2009 to 2014 she was the executive director of the Westminster Institute, which conducted research and education on threats posed by extremist ideologies. She co-edited the volume, Fighting the Ideological War: Winning Strategies from Communism to Islamism.

Titles by this Author

  • Mike Gonzalez & Katharine Cornell Gorka

    This book explains how it is not Soviet Marxism, but a Marxism that was shaped by European intellectuals, adapted and refined by America’s student radicals of the 1960s, and diffused throughout the culture that has caused today’s social ills.

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    • Available 4/2/2024