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William H. Mellor

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William H. Mellor

WILLIAM H. (CHIP) MELLOR serves as chairman and founding general counsel of the Institute for Justice. He co-founded IJ in 1991 and served as president and general counsel until 2015. He has litigated cutting-edge constitutional cases, notably achieving the first federal appellate court victory for economic liberty under the 14th Amendment since the New Deal. While Mellor was president, IJ litigated five U.S. Supreme Court cases, winning four.

Under Mellor’s leadership, IJ has grown from a five-person startup into a law firm with nearly 100 staff, including over 40 attorneys, and an annual budget of $20 million.

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  • William H. Mellor & Dick Carpenter

    The Left, Right and Center all hate them: powerful special interests who use government power for their own private benefit. In an era when the Left hates “fat cats” and the Right despises “crony capitalists,” now there is an artful and memorable one-word pejorative they can both get behind: Bottleneckers.

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