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Don’t Tread on Me

Anti-Americanism Abroad

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Hardcover / 250 pages
ISBN: 1594032394
AVAILABLE: 6/15/2009

Don’t Tread on Me
Anti-Americanism Abroad

Don’t Tread on Me is Carol Gould’s journey through the astonishing world of British and European anti-Americanism. From Yanks being spat on, to other acts, the level of US-bashing has evolved into something more than just Bush-hatred. Wrapped in the anti-American fever sweeping Europe and Britain is fierce resentment of the ‘Zionist lobby’ in the United States and a deep loathing of America’s support for Israel.

About the Author

Carol Gould has most recently been a regular broadcaster on Sky News, BBC Television and radio and al Kawthar, al Alam, IRINN, IRIB, Press TV and Russia Today. She has appeared on ‘Any Questions?’ hosted by Jonathan Dimbleby.

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