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The Next Founders

Voices of Democracy in the Middle East

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Hardcover / 350 pages
ISBN: 1594032327
AVAILABLE: 6/15/2009

The Next Founders
Voices of Democracy in the Middle East

The Next Founders brings to light the stories of seven remarkable people, six Arabs and an Iranian. Five are men; two, women. Four are Sunnis, two are Shiites, and the seventh is mixed. Their lives revolve around a sense of mission, and while the angles from which they attack it are varied, this mission is the same for all seven: to make their countries more free and democratic.

About the Author

Joshua Muravchik, a Distinguished Fellow at the World Affairs Institute, is the author of hundreds of articles appearing in all major U.S. newspapers and intellectual magazines, as well as ten previous books including Heaven on Earth: The Rise and Fall of Socialism; Exporting Democracy: Fulfilling America’s Destiny; Trailblazers of the Arab Spring: Voices of Democracy in the Middle East; and Liberal Oasis: The Truth About Israel.


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