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How to Restore the American Dream

F.H. Buckley Tells Morning Joe about the Collapse of American Social Mobility—and How to Get it Back
May 12, 2016

For too many Americans, the dream of a steady job, simple home, family and comfortable middle class life feels like a relic of the past. In an interview on Morning Joe, F.H. Buckley discussed the collapse of social mobility in America and blamed our “aristocratic” elites for the Trump and Sanders phenomenon.

In failing to enable class mobility, whether through a poor education system or immigration policies that import immobility, our ruling class has invited challengers who represent a break from a status quo that has trapped many Americans in the bottom tiers of society.

Buckley says there are two paths America can take, the tired method of socialist means to socialist ends—or “the proper response of capitalist means to socialist ends.” Watch below:


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The Way Back Restoring the Promise of America

The promise of America is that, with ambition and hard work, anyone can rise to the top. But now the promise has been broken, and we’ve become an aristocracy where rich parents raise rich kids and poor parents raise poor kids.

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