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Oren Cass and Michael Anton Appear on Fox News

On Immigration and the Crisis of American Identity
February 14, 2019

Encounter authors Oren Cass and Michael Anton appeared on Tucker to share their views on immigration and the crisis of American identity. Cass, author of The Once and Future Worker, states, “…almost every category of work, farm work included, is done by Americans. So, the pressure should be put on employers to hire the people we have here and invest in America.” While Anton, author of After the Flight 93 Election explains why foundational American principles must not be forgotten: “As part of going forward toward a better future for our people, we need to go back to a better way of understanding politics: common citizenship, an elite that care about our people…In some ways a way forward is a way back”.


Watch the full clip below:


Oren Cass and Michael Anton on Tucker
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