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How Woke Media Alienates the Working Class

Batya Ungar-Sargon on the Megyn Kelly Show
October 29, 2021

Last week, Batya Ungar-Sargonauthor of the new book Bad News: How Woke Media is Undermining Democracy—appeared on the Megyn Kelly Show for a discussion on how woke-ness in major media is driving away working-class viewers. In what used to be a blue-collar profession, journalism now is an “abandonment of the working class.” Ungar-Sargon says, “[Wokeness is] the last stage of this status revolution where the Left is much more comfortable talking about issues of identity than they are talking about economics,” using the moral panic over race to hide behind income inequality in the nation.

Watch a clip below from the first half of the conversation, or click here to view the full interview.

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Bad News How Woke Media Is Undermining Democracy

Something is wrong with American journalism. Long before “fake news” became the calling card of the right, Americans had lost faith in their news media. But lately the feeling that something is off has become impossible to ignore. That’s because mainstream news is not liberal anymore; it’s woke. Today’s newsrooms are propagating radical ideas that were fringe as recently as a decade ago, including anti-racism, intersectionality, open borders, and critical race theory. How did this come to be?

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