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David Meir-Levi

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David Meir-Levi

DAVID MEIR-LEVI is an American-born Israeli currently living in Palo Alto, California. He taught archaeology and Near Eastern history at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and at the University of Tel Aviv, and served in the Israeli military. He now teaches Middle Eastern history at San Jose State University. A senior project manager at the David Horowitz Freedom Center, Mr. Meir-Levi writes extensively on Middle East issues for Front Page Magazine and other online journals, and also hosts radio and TV programs analyzing the Middle East conflict.

Titles by this Author

  • David Meir-Levi

    In the United Nations, on university campuses, and among a growing number of our most prestigious Western newspapers, the historical record has been rewritten so thoroughly that Israel is seen as the worst of the oppressive Western occupiers of the Third World. So successful has this propaganda campaign been that Palestinian spinmeisters and their apologists have effectively declared the Israelis, a people living in the shadow of the Holocaust, to be “Nazis.”

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