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“Kelo,” Eminent Domain and the American Lust for Land

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Hardcover / 330 pages
ISBN: 1594031932

“Kelo,” Eminent Domain and the American Lust for Land

No domestic policy issue more angers or galvanizes the public than the controversy over eminent domain-the taking of private property for public use. The stakes in this always controversial procedure have been dramatically raised in recent years as eminent domain has been used to fund private development. As the notorious Kelo case in New London, CT demonstrated last year. The practice of using eminent domain to enrich municipalities is an incendiary issue. Veteran journalist, Carla Main, takes a hard look at this practice and delivers an incisive expose that is sure to be widely read and hotly debated.

About the Author

Carla Main is a practicing attorney who has litigated a wide variety of commercial cases involving real-estate-related disputes, the First Amendment, fraud, art law, and civil rights. She writes frequently for The National Review, Policy Review, The American Lawyer, and The New York Post, among many other publications. Ms. Main resides in New Jersey.

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