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Checking Progressive Privilege

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Paperback / 48 pages
ISBN: 9781641770866
Available: 7/23/2019

Checking Progressive Privilege

Progressives have taught us that it doesn’t take overt discrimination to make society unfair. Privilege afforded to different groups—such as whites, males, and heterosexuals—can infect our cultural institutions, creating unfair burdens for other groups.

But one form of privilege has been overlooked: progressive privilege. Today, the progressive worldview is depicted as what is normal, right, and worth celebrating by our cultural institutions. Conservatives are marginalized and stereotyped in entertainment, news, academia, and throughout our culture.

Progressive privilege isn’t just unfair to conservatives; it has warped our entire political environment and made our country more divided. Recognizing progressive privilege is the first step to ending it, so that we can have a fairer, more truly inclusive society.

About the Author

Carrie L. Lukas is the president of Independent Women’s Forum. She is coauthor of Liberty Is No War on Women, and author of The Politically Incorrect Guide to Women, Sex, and Feminism.

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