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Let My People Know

The Incredible Story of Middle East Peace—and What Lies Ahead

Available 4/06/2022

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Hardcover / 296 pages
ISBN: 9781641772648
Available: 4/06/2022

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Let My People Know
The Incredible Story of Middle East Peace—and What Lies Ahead

On January 28, 2020, the Trump peace plan was unveiled at the White House. The following 11 months, concluding with the signing of the Israel-Morocco normalization agreement, comprised one of the most fascinating and impactful periods of U.S. foreign policy in a generation. The Middle East was given real respite from what had been an almost perpetual state of strife. But then, in less than 150 days, the White House’s next occupant succeeded in bringing back the tragic status quo.

Let My People Know will explain what the Biden administration doesn’t understand about diplomacy and foreign affairs, what it must do moving forward, and what the Middle East as a whole should now attempt in order to return to the path of security and prosperity.

Aryeh Lightstone had the unique privilege of being in the room for nearly every major decision and discussion involving U.S.-Middle East foreign policy. He was tasked with the most complex and sensitive component of the momentous Abraham Accords: putting them into practice—and quickly. He was on every flight to and from Israel and the other Accords nations. Further, he headed the Abraham Accord Business Summit and the Abraham Fund and served as the key contact between Israel and the Accords nations.

As such, Lightstone was the bridge that spanned myriad cultures and personalities, all during a pandemic and amid extraordinary geopolitical events. He also happens to be a rabbi and an enthralling storyteller. Let My People Know will provide readers with an unvarnished account of the contours and idiosyncrasies of the Middle East—and an expert look at what lies ahead. It will be the book to which many different audiences will turn for years to learn exactly how the “deal of the century” was struck, achieving what had seemed impossible for decades.

About the Author

Aryeh Lightstone served as the Senior Advisor to U.S. Ambassador to Israel David Friedman from 2017 to 2021.

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