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Media Madness

The Corruption of Our Political Culture

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Hardcover / 130 pages
ISBN: 1594032122

Media Madness
The Corruption of Our Political Culture

James Bowman provides a scintillating and fast-paced anatomy of the mainstream media self-generated demise. Media Madness looks behind the headlines to examine mainstream media’s governing myths. Writing with acerbic wit, Bowman shows how the mainstream media’s embrace of a spurious notion of objectivity, combined with its addiction to scandal, and an unshakable conviction of its own moral superiority have done irreparable damage to the media’s public authority.

About the Author

James Bowman has written for the Wall Street Journal, the Washington Post, The New Criterion and other publications. He was the American editor of the Times Literary Supplement of London and is currently a resident scholar at the Ethics and Public Policy Institute.

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