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The Hillary Trap

Looking for Power in All the Wrong Places

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Paperback / 233 pages
ISBN: 1893554651

The Hillary Trap
Looking for Power in All the Wrong Places

For many people, Hillary Rodham Clinton is an Everywoman often held up as an example for all women—feminist but devoted wife and mother, determined social activist, champion of pro-family values, architect of the liberal “village” she believes it takes to raise a child.   But in The Hillary Trap, journalist and media personality Laura Ingraham turns a razor sharp eye on this view of Hillary and questions her status as a metaphor for the modern “empowered” woman.  According to Ingraham, below the surface of the “strong woman” is a victim—a woman who, though a former First Lady and now a U.S. Senator, has gotten power through compromise and concession, self-deception and deviousness, particularly in the way she has used her relationship with her husband, the former President. Ingraham suggests that if anything, Hillary’s mix of opportunism, acquiescence, and dependency has set women back rather than leading them forward. This is the “Hillary Trap.”

The Hillary Trap discusses the areas in which women have seemingly made strides—in schools, the workplace, the courtroom, and the home—but where they have in fact, Ingraham argues, lost ground. Part biography, part social criticism, always filled with biting wit and provocative political insights, The Hillary Trap shows why a belief system based on women as victims is damaging—and what women can do to regain their power.

About the Author

Laura Ingraham is an American radio talk show host, best-selling author, and conservative political commentator. Her nationally syndicated talk show, The Laura Ingraham Show, airs throughout the United States on Courtside Entertainment.

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