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  • The Wall Street Journal Live

    How Can America Maintain its Edge?

    Peter Salins on education, productivity, immigration--and the future prosperity of America.

    Author of “The Smart Society”, Peter D. Salins, had a lightening round with Mary Kissel and WSJ Live on how America can stay ahead.

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  • The Washington Post

    Judges Versus Justice

    Why Judicial Activism Might not Be such a Bad thing

    In the Washington Post, George Will reviews Clark M. Neily III’s newest book “Terms of Engagement”.

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  • The Economist

    On Education’s Exploding Costs and Coming Reforms

    The Economist weighs in on Glenn Reynolds’s The New School

    What is the value of higher education in the U.S. and are there better alternatives to a system that’s largely flawed, expensive, and impractical? The Economist takes a look at The New School.

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  • The Wall Street Journal

    Kerry and the Kurds

    Michael Rubin criticizes the State Department’s mishandling of Syrian Kurds.

    Michael Rubin writes a charged op-ed for the WSJ about the state of Syria and how we can learn from past mistakes in our dealings with Syrian Kurds.

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  • The Daily Beast

    Bohemians vs. the Bureaucrats

    An excerpt from Fred Siegel’s “The Revolt Against the Masses”

    This Daily Beast excerpt offers a sneak peek that questions the split between the old left and the new left—and asks how American liberalism came to be what we know it as today.

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  • The Blaze

    A Tale of Two Glenns

    Glenn Reynolds discusses The New School on The Blaze.

    An exchange between Glenn Beck and author Glenn Reynolds on higher education, costs, benefits, and emerging alternatives, as explained in his new book “The New School”

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