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Peter Wood

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Peter Wood

PETER W. WOOD is president of the National Association of Scholars. A former professor of anthropology and college provost, he is the author of several books about American culture, including Diversity: The Invention of a Concept (2003) and A Bee in the Mouth: Anger in America Now (2007). He is editor-in-chief of the journal Academic Questions and a widely published essayist. In 2019, he received the Jeane Kirkpatrick Prize for contributions to academic freedom.

Titles by this Author

  • Sol Stern & Peter Wood

    In this double Broadside, Sol Stern shows how both sides of the education spectrum have misrepresented the Common Core, while Peter W. Wood explains how the Common Core actually lowers standards while pretending to raise them.

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  • Peter Wood

    America has gotten into ugly moods before, but never as today. In taking us on a guided tour of American acrimony, Peter Wood traces the roots of anger’s triumph in our social and political world. He examines the liberating bromides of psychotherapists, the bellicosity of the war between the sexes, the broadsides of the ethnic separatists, and the jeremiads of fundamentalists of all stripes.  is a provocative dissection of an alarming phenomenon.

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