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The Unsleeping Eye

Secret Police and Their Victims

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Hardcover / 318 pages
ISBN: 189355466X
AVAILABLE: 4/01/2003

The Unsleeping Eye
Secret Police and Their Victims

At the heart of The Unsleeping Eye is a provocative narrative about the role of the secret police in the modern totalitarian state. Joseph Fouche, Napoleon’s minister of police, made surveillance and informing into an art form (“Where there are three,” Fouche once said, “I always have one listening”) and coupled this surveillance with propaganda techniques that made it doubly effective.  Stove describes the development of domestic surveillance in Russia, from the time of Ivan the Terrible, to its final refinement under Stalin, who brought Lenin’s ideal of “organized terror” to perfection in collaboration with his brutal head of secret police, Lavrenti Beria.  (“You bring me the man,” Beria once said chillingly, “and I’ll find you the crime.”)  He also shows how the Gestapo and other police organizations led by demented individuals like Heinrich Himmler defined the essence of Nazism, particularly in his deluded notion that “the members of the Gestapo are men with human kindness, human hearts, and absolute rightness.”

About the Author

Robert J. Stove lives in Melbourne, Australia. His articles-mostly on European political and cultural history-have appeared in National Review, The New Criterion, and The American Spectator. His first book was Prince of Music (1990), a study of the sixteenth-century composer Palestrina.

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