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Where Next?

Western Civilization at the Crossroads

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Hardcover / 232 pages
ISBN: 9781641773157
AVAILABLE: 11/22/2022

Where Next?
Western Civilization at the Crossroads

At least since Oedipus met King Laius on the road from Delphi to Thebes, the image of a crossroads has signaled a dramatic and morally fraught turning point. It was with that cargo of significance in mind that The New Criterion decided to publish a special series of essays on “Western civilization at the crossroads” throughout this fortieth anniversary season. Featuring contributions by Conrad Black, Victor Davis Hanson, Roger Kimball, Andrew Roberts, and other luminaries, this book collects the ten special essays from The New Criterion’s fortieth-anniversary season to assess where Western civilization is now, and where it’s going.

About the Author

Roger Kimball is President and Publisher of Encounter Books and Editor and Publisher of The New CriterionHe writes regular columns for American GreatnessThe Epoch Times, and The Spectator, US edition.

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