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The Next Pandemic

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Paperback / 56 pages
ISBN: 9781641771573
Available: 5/26/2020

The Next Pandemic

America is suffering from two public health crises. One is caused by a virus. The other, a brutal economic shutdown, is something we have brought on ourselves. Both the virus and the shutdown are deadly. But many more Americans will likely die from getting laid off than from the virus.

The shutdown wasn’t caused by the virus. It was a frantic response to America’s unpreparedness. For more than two decades, a dozen official reports sounded the alarm. The career pols and federal bureaucrats did nothing. Message to Washington DC: No more commissions and televised hearings. It’s time to act.

In this incendiary Encounter Broadside, Betsy McCaughey shows how to battle the next pandemic without an economic shutdown, including technologies to make workplaces healthier, protections for hospital workers, and severing dependence on China for medical supplies.

Despite the suffering, there’s reason for optimism. America will be ready for the next pandemic.

About the Author

Betsy McCaughey is Chairman of the Committee to Reduce Infection Deaths. She has led the national outcry against hospital infection deaths, demanding cleaner, safer hospitals.

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