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Masters of Corruption How the Federal Bureaucracy Sabotaged the Trump Presidency

This eye-popping book provides an insider’s view into the federal bureaucracy’s corruption, its weaponization of bureaucratic procedures, and its failures to protect employees from retaliation. It explains what future administrations must do to make real progress in swamp draining. And it shows how a rejuvenation of patriotism and faith is needed to restore integrity to the government.

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Second Class How the Elites Betrayed America's Working Men and Women

With deep reporting from America’s blue-collar heartland coupled with quantitative data analysis explaining how representative each of the people we meet are, Second Class will provide readers with an ethnography of today’s working class, introducing them to people across the country—their neighbors—who are fighting tooth and nail for a fair shot at the American Dream.

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NextGen Marxism What It Is and How to Combat It

This book explains how it is not Soviet Marxism, but a Marxism that was shaped by European intellectuals, adapted and refined by America’s student radicals of the 1960s, and diffused throughout the culture that has caused today’s social ills.

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How Nations Escape Poverty Vietnam, Poland, and the Origins of Prosperity

In this exciting book, full of surprising details, Zitelmann describes how economic reforms in Vietnam and Poland won the fight against poverty and sensationally improved people’s standard of living.

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The State of Black Progress Confronting Government and Judicial Obstacles

This edited volume, sponsored by the Center for Urban Renewal and Education and featuring contributions from W.B. Allen, Judge Janice Rogers Brown (ret.), Ian Rowe, Sally Pipes, Stephen Moore, and others, addresses this question in light of American values and the history of constitutional jurisprudence.

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Buried But Not Quite Dead Forgotten Writers of Père Lachaise

In eight chapters, the inimitable Anthony Daniels dilates on some forgotten writers of Père Lachaise, exploring their literary merit and the amusing byways of history,  aiming “to entertain while illustrating the inexhaustible depth of our past.”

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Winning America’s Second Civil War Progressivism’s Authoritarian Threat, Where It Came From, and How to Defeat It

This book traces the source of modern America’s cultural and political divisions to an unlikely historical accident.

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Leisure With Dignity Essays in Celebration of Charles R. Kesler

In this volume, Charles Kesler’s students, friends, and colleagues commemorate his four-decade career as a teacher, mentor, and scholar.

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The Race to Zero How ESG Investing Will Crater the Global Financial System

The Race to Zero provides a detailed rebuttal to the case for sustainable investing from the perspective of a long-time Wall Street analyst, investor, and latter-day finance professor.

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The Nature of Things Fragile

The Nature of Things Fragile is the winner of the twenty-third New Criterion Poetry Prize.

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The Diplomacy of the American Revolution

This book explains the ambitions and interests of European powers during the American Revolution.

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American Refugees The Untold Story of the Mass Exodus From Blue States to Red States

American Refugees is the story of how a culture clash precipitated a great blue state exodus, and what it means for the rest of America. Focusing particularly on Tennessee as a paradigm, Simon contends that only the red states can preserve the constitutional republic envisioned by the Founders. Only they can save America for our children and grandchildren. The struggle will be great, but the story will ultimately have a happy ending.

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The Comfort Women Hoax A Fake Memoir, North Korean Spies, and Hit Squads in the Academic Swamp

In this book, the authors detail both the history of the comfort women and their own persecution at the hands of their academic peers. Only in the West—and only through a brutal strategy of censorship and ostracism—has the myth of bayonet-point conscription survived.

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America Transformed The Rise and Legacy of American Progressivism

New thinking about the principles of government —and open hostility to the American Constitution — led to a host of concrete changes in American political institutions. Our government today reflects these original Progressive innovations, even if they are often unrecognized as such because they have become ingrained in American political culture. This book shows the nature of these changes, both in principles and in the nuts and bolts of governing.

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