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Peter Huber

Peter Huber

PETER HUBER is a senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute, where he writes about drug development, energy, technology, and the law. His most recent full-length book is The Cure in the Code: How 20th Century Law Is Undermining 21st Century Medicine. Before joining MI, Huber was an associate professor at MIT. He clerked on the DC Circuit Court of Appeals for Ruth Bader Ginsburg and on the US Supreme Court for Sandra Day O’Connor.

Titles by this Author

  • Paul Howard & Peter Huber

    New medicines in the pipeline can extend lives, save money, and even help prevent disease before symptoms appear – if we don’t discourage their innovators and investors by trying to lower drug prices artificially. Unlocking Precision Medicine explores the environment necessary for creation of these health care game-changers, and explains how the marketplace can effectively make them more affordable to all without killing the golden goose.  

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