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Openings & Outings

An Anthology

Available 4/12/2022

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Hardcover / 234 pages
ISBN: 9781641772068
Available: 10/26/2021

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Openings & Outings
An Anthology

Openings & Outings brings together over forty pieces from the long and distinguished career of the writer and commentator David Pryce-Jones. Taking us from a meeting with Rudolf Hess’s widow, to the slums of Tangier, to the front lines of the Israeli–Palestinian conflict, with many stops in between, Openings & Outings presents over fifty years of insight, from a writer with endless scope and perspective.

About the Author

David Pryce-Jones has written on a wide range of subjects, sometimes historical, sometimes contemporary. Among his works are studies of Communism such as The Strange Death of the Soviet Union, of Nazism such as Paris in the Third Reich, and of the world of Islam such as The Closed Circle. Since 1999 he has been a senior editor of National Review.

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