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It’s Time to Let America Work Again

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Trade Paper / 40 pages
ISBN: 9781641771627
Available: 8/4/2020

It’s Time to Let America Work Again

As we begin the process of reopening our economy, it is critical that we get back to work. The economic shutdown was intended to slow the spread of a lethal virus, not to permanently sacrifice our freedoms—and certainly not to expand government power and “fundamentally transform” America. During the shutdown, we’ve learned what that transformed America would look like, and it is ugly. With millions of people out of work and dependent on government—lacking the dignity of a job, the security of a paycheck, or the opportunity for a better future—depression and despair are creating an “epidemic within the pandemic” of suicides and drug and alcohol addiction. While there are risks, if we follow safety protocols and protect the vulnerable, we can safely reignite our economy as we undo the lockdown, eliminate policies that discourage work and enact policies that encourage hiring and growth. It’s time to reject the transformation to permanent government dependence and return instead to individual freedom and prosperity.

About the Author

Andrew F. Puzder is a Senior Fellow at the Pepperdine School of Public Policy.  He is the former CEO of CKE Restaurants, Inc. and was President Trump first nominee for Secretary of Labor.

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